Bachelor's degree in Speech and Language Therapy (to qualify as a speech and language therapist)

Assessment and rehabilitation of disorders of speech therapy in developmental age - LOGOPEDIA DEI DISTURBI SPECIFICI DEL LINGUAGGIO

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Laura Zuanazzi
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LOGO 2^ anno - 2^semestre dal Jan 7, 2021 al Feb 26, 2021.

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Learning outcomes

Acquire fundamental skills for evaluation and rehabilitation of speech and language in specific language impairments.
Make a speech and language evaluation report, rehabilitation projects, programs and plannings .


Diagnostic classification of specific language impairments, with reference to theoretical models; presentation of mode and speech therapy assessment tools; approaches, procedures and rehabilitation techniques.
Outline of theories of communication and language.
The typical communication and language development in children, profiles of atypical development (prematurity, late talkers).
Classification and description of SLI, the phonological disorder, oral and developmental verbal dyspraxia.
Speech therapy evaluation: methods and tools.
Prevention and rehabilitation: techniques and procedures.
Speech therapy assessment and review.
Project editing and rehabilitation program.

Reference books
Author Title Publisher Year ISBN Note
Luigi Marotta M. Cristina Caselli I disturbi specifici del linguaggio Erikson 2014
Patrizio Pasqualetti, Silvia Stefanini, M. Cristina Caselli Parole e frasi nel «primo vocabolario del bambino». Nuovi dati normativi fra 18 e 36 mesi e Forma breve del questionario Franco Angeli 2017

Assessment methods and criteria

Written test with open and close questions, or as an alternative spoken test ; produce a report on a scientific paper related to DL subjects.

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