Bachelor's degree in Nursing (to qualify as a nurse) (Bolzano)


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Manuel Mussner
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INF BZ - 1° anno 2° sem dal Feb 3, 2020 al Apr 17, 2020.

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Learning outcomes

The course introduces the student to the understanding of the determinants of health, risk factors, prevention strategies both individual and collective, and of interventions to promote the health and safety of their users. It also aims to understand the causes, the pathogenic mechanisms, and methods of prevention and control of infectious diseases.


The infections related to care processes:
epidemiology, localization, etiology, transmission routes
Epidemiological surveillance and interventions to stop the chain of infection
Standard precautions
Hand hygiene
- Indications and technique of washing hands
-Indications and technique of surgical hand
Barrier measures
- Use of gloves
- Use of the visor / goggles - use surgical mask
- Characteristics of products (chlorhexidine, types of solutions and concentrations, amuchina, povidone-iodine, time, keeping, deadlines)
The Deans Management, Tools and Equipment
- The classification of the principals in a critical, semi-critical and non-critical.
- Decontamination, cleaning,
- Processes and disinfection practices,
- Sterilization Processes,
- Types of disinfectants (chlorine and derivatives polyphenols)
- Criteria of effectiveness of disinfection high level to instruments that can not be sterilized (concentration, time, temperature)
- Some operational contextualisation as the management of shopping therapy, the material for the hygiene of the patient, the sterile field, use of sterile gloves..
Disposal of the different types of waste
Lingerie management
Principles and environmental health criteria
Health education to patients and visitors
Additional precautions for transmission by contact
- Guidelines for the adoption of contact precautions;
- Correct use of additional security devices contact: coat, gloves, patient positioning, patient and family education.
Additional precautions for transmission by air
- Indications for taking precautions by air;
- Correct use of additional security devices: FFP2-FFP3 masks.
Additional precautions for the transmission for Droplet
- Guidelines for the adoption of precautions for droplet;
- Correct use of additional security devices: surgical mask;
- Respiratory hygiene / cough etiquette

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