Bachelor's degree in Nursing (to qualify as a nurse) (Legnago)

Chronic clinical nursing care - MEDICINA INTERNA

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Simonetta Friso
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INF LEG - 2° anno 2° sem dal Apr 15, 2020 al Jun 30, 2020.

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Learning outcomes

Objectives are to understand and describe physiopathological mechanisms underlying diseases of internistic interest with the aim of comprehending and analyzing the diagnostic and therapeutic paths to identify the specific nursing needs in terms of chronic disabilities related to the frialty of each of the affected person.


- Anaemias including erythrocytopathies and hemoglobinopathies, lymphomas and acute and chronic leukemias
- gastrointestinal diseases and in particular, acute and chronic gastritis, gastroesophageal reflux disease, peptic ulcer
- acute and chronic renal insufficiency
- chronic pancreatitis
. malabsorption and malnutrition

Reference books
Author Title Publisher Year ISBN Note
Massini R, Longhi C, Marchetti P, Passeretti F, Recine U Medicina interna (Edizione 4) McGraw -Hill, Milano 2009 883861654X
Brugnolli Anna e Saiani Luisa Trattato di Medicina e Infermieristica - Un approccio di cure integrate Sorbona 2017

Assessment methods and criteria

written multiple choices test

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