Bachelor's degree in Nursing (to qualify as a nurse) (Verona)

Pathophysiology applied at Nursing [Matricole dispari] - SEMEIOTICA E FISIOPATOLOGIA

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Antonio Carletto
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INF VR - 1° anno 2° sem dal Feb 3, 2020 al Apr 3, 2020.

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Learning outcomes

This course of study wants to give to the student some information about physiopathology.
Students will understand the events that lead to the disease, by using a practical method. There could be some deepenings about organs during the specific lessons.
I will start from the definition of physiopathology and I will explain the main modalities in which the organ's damage starts. In particular this course would handle the ischaemia (artherosclerosis and vasculitis), autoimmunity and toxic problems about the pathology.
I will explain the deseases that come from the presence of ischaemia, autoimmunity and toxic problems. During this course of study I will also handle the semeiotica (subject that studies the symptoms and signs of diseases).
At the end of the course of study, students should be able to know the main mechanisms that lead to the disease and identify its features.


Definition of physiopathology
Alteration of fluid and electrolyte balance
Physiopathology about the cardiovascular system
Atherosclerosis and vasculitis
Vein and artery's disease
Ischaemic cardiovascular disease
Valvular cardiac disease
Cardiovascular failure
Endocrine physiopathology
Diabetes mellitus
Anemiae and polycitemiae
Main disease of respiratory system
Renal failure
Physiopathology of digestive system
Physiopathology of liver

Reference books
Author Title Publisher Year ISBN Note
Giuseppe Pontieri Elementi di fisiopatologia generale per corsi di laurea in professioni sanitarie (Edizione 3) Piccin 2012

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