Combined Bachelor's + Master's degree in Dentistry and Dental Prosthetics

General pathology and immunology - IMMUNOLOGIA

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Stefano Ugel
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LEZIONI 2° SEMESTRE 1° 2° -3°-4°-5°-6° ANNO dal Feb 15, 2021 al May 28, 2021.

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The fundamental objective of the course of immunology is the acquisition of the conceptual and scientific instruments for the understanding the function of the immune system both in healthy and disease state.
In particular the objectives are:
1. Acquisition of the knowledge of the fundamental biological mechanisms regulating the functions of the immune system in the protection against diseases;
2. Acquisition of the knowledge of pathologic mechanisms of the immune system, dei meccanismi patologici del sistema immunitario, in particular in the hypersensibility, autoimmunity and immunodeficiency phenomena;
3. In-depth analysis of the immunology of the oral cavity;
4. Immune patology of the oral cavity;
5. Systemic immune pathology and its representation at the level of the oral cavity.


Organization of the immune system:
1. Anatomy of the immune system: lymphoid organs in general (spleen, lymph nodes, Peyer patches, appendyx, bone marrow and thymus), lymphoid organs of the oral cavity (palatin, lingual and pharynx tonsils, district and intralingual lymph nodes, submucosal lymphatic cells, lymphatic tissue of salivary glands and of the gum)
2. Cytology of the immune system: lymphocytes, NK, dendritic cells. The lymphocytes classes: B and T lymphocytes and their subclasses. Antigens and antibodies.
3. Biochemistry of the immune system: molecules (Immunoglobulins, T cell receptor, MHC and costimulatory molecules).

Physiology of the immune system:
1. Antigen processing and presentation.
2. The specific adaptive responses: cell mediated immune response and humoral.
3. Cyitokines and cell cooperation.
4. Defence against infections.
5. Active and passive immunoprophylaxis.
6. Immune tolerance.

Pahology of the immune system:
1. Hypersensibility reactions.
2. Autoimmune diseases.
3. Immunodeficits.
4. Immunity and tumors.
5. Immuno-hematology, blood groups.
6. Immunology of transplantation and HLA system.

Immunopathology of the oral cavity:
1. Systemic immune diseases and influences on the oro-pharynx;
2. The oral outcomes of hypersensibility and autoimmunity;
3. Consequences of the primary and secondary immune-deficiencies on the oral cavity, in particular HIV infections;
4. Immunology of dental transplantation.

Reference books
Author Title Publisher Year ISBN Note
Cellular and Molecular Immunology A.K. ABBAS, A.H. LICHTMAN, S. PILLAI 2018
K. MURPHY, P. TRAVERS, M. WALPORT Janeway’s Immunobiology 2017

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