Bachelor's degree in Sport and Exercise Science (from 2008-2009)

Course name
1° semestre motorie from 10/1/20 to 1/29/21
years E-lrng Name Teacher or coordinator
Human Anatomy [Matricole dispari] Manuela Malatesta (Coordinator)
Human Anatomy [Matricole pari] Manuela Malatesta (Coordinator)
Biology [Matricole dispari] Patricia Lievens (Coordinator)
Biology [Matricole pari] Maria Romanelli (Coordinator)
Subject requirements: chemistry Riccardo Montioli (Coordinator)
Subject requirements: physics Giulia Del Pero (Coordinator)
Subject requirements: basic mathematics Giulia Del Pero (Coordinator)
General Pedagogy [Matricole dispari] Maria Teresa Muraca (Coordinator)
General Pedagogy [Matricole pari] Maria Teresa Muraca (Coordinator)
Introduction to chinesiology and sport [Matricole dispari] Massimo Lanza (Coordinator)
Introduction to chinesiology and sport [Matricole pari] Massimo Lanza (Coordinator)
Introduction to movement analysis and motor control Paola Cesari (Coordinator)
Physical activity and development Matteo Bertucco (Coordinator)
Kinesiology Silvano Grazioli (Coordinator)
Human Physiology Carlo Capelli (Coordinator)
Sport and exercise psychology Mirta Fiorio (Coordinator)
Teaching of swimming Andrea Campara (Coordinator)
Pharmacology and cardiology applied to physical activity Giovanna Paolone (Coordinator)
Teaching individual and team sports Chiara Milanese (Coordinator)

2° semestre motorie from 3/1/21 to 5/31/21
years E-lrng Name Teacher or coordinator
Biochemistry of exercise [Matricole dispari] Mariarita Bertoldi (Coordinator)
Biochemistry of exercise [Matricole pari] Mariarita Bertoldi (Coordinator)
Physical education [Matricole dispari] not yet allocated
Physical education [Matricole pari] Giuliano Bergamaschi (Coordinator)
Principles of sport management [Matricole dispari] Corrado Corsi (Coordinator)
Principles of sport management [Matricole pari] Corrado Corsi (Coordinator)
Biomechanics Paola Zamparo (Coordinator)
Physical education and games Dino Mascalzoni (Coordinator)
Sports Journalism Alberto Nuvolari (Coordinator)
Sport sociology Cristina Lonardi (Coordinator)
Training Methodology Federico Schena (Coordinator)
Preventive and adapted physical activity Massimo Venturelli (Coordinator)
Diseases of the Locomotor Apparatus Matteo Ricci (Coordinator)
Theory and pedagogy of fitness Fabiola Lonardi (Coordinator)
Teaching individual and team sports Chiara Milanese (Coordinator)

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