Bachelor's degree in Radiology Techniques for Imaging and Radiotherapy (to qualify as a medical radiology technician) (Verona)

Clinical practice (1st year)

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Flavio Rigo
Flavio Rigo
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Lezioni 1A 2 semestre TSRM dal Feb 8, 2021 al Apr 16, 2021.

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Learning outcomes

Students need to know the integrated University Hospital of Verona, its layout and organization. They need to be able to identify the different professional figures, roles and dynamics of professional relations. In particular they need to understand the organization, the function and the specialty of the Diagnostic Imaging Department. They will also have to use the experimental method in the study of technological and human events pertaining to the job, showing their ability to apply the fundamental principles of physics in solving the technological problems of diagnostic imaging and in evaluating the resulting images. Students will participate in performing conventional imaging testing, also using contrast media, according to internship specific goals and the principles of radiation protection, showing theoretical and practical knowledge of routine and emergency diagnostic imaging techniques and knowledge of first aid procedures complying with professional ethics standards. They will need to be able to menage imaging computer applications, specifically pertaining to management of images, medical reports, clinical data and related conveyance procedures. They will also have to know the units of measurement of health physics and be able to apply basic procedures of quality control to the equipment and to physical and environmental radiation surveillance.

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