Bachelor's degree in Dental Hygiene (Rovereto)

Scientific English

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Loredana Pancheri
Loredana Pancheri
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Lezioni 1 Anno 2 semestre CLID ROV dal Feb 8, 2021 al Apr 16, 2021.

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Learning outcomes

The course aims to provide students with specific language skills in the oral and written comprehension and production of medical-scientific texts, with a focus on the lexical, syntactic and rhetorical-pragmatic dimension of scientific English. The educational activity offers students the language tools to also support a dialogue with the patient/user and to learn about the lexical landscape specific to the scientific literature. The aim of the course is to allow students to train for an interview in a professional setting and to perfect their grammar. The course aims to prepare students to train the following skills: the ability to understand specialized texts of interest, the ability to manage a dialogue with a user in a professional context. The course also aims to exercise language skills in the writing of scientific material and the compilation of clinical documentation in English. The training course also aims to help students learn EBP research standards for analysing remains, asking a research question and presenting results and relevance. During the frontal lectures there will be analysis of scientific texts in English, indications of research tools and practical exercises for the consolidation of the terminology.


The programme includes:
Activities in smaller groups for developing the following skills:
Reading skills, research skills, speaking and presenting skills, dialogue skills, paraphrasing skills.
Terms and grammar.

Assessment methods and criteria

The exam is an oral exam. An English-language presentation of a research work carried out by a team of 2 students.
The work consists in the presentation of a topic chosen to be identified among the topic addressed in the classroom.
In particular, the presentation will contain:
The description of an area of ​​interest / topic with data, definitions, any descriptive video, statistics and comprehensive description of the topic background.
The description of a research question, Foreground or Background question.
The description of the research methods, such as keywords, such as databases, such as magazines, etc ...
The synthesis of the retrieved studies
The selection of one or more selected studies as evidence with the reasons for choosing
Content analysis of studies with the active reading mode.
The conclusions
The reflections on the relevance of the learned content
A glossary of scientific terms.
The group of students will prepare:
A printed copy of the slides or visual support material
A copy of files to be projected in ppt or Keynote or PDF.
The printing of the evidence.

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