Bachelor's degree in Dental Hygiene (Rovereto)


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Maria Oros
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Lezioni 1 Anno 1 semestre CLID ROV dal Oct 12, 2020 al Dec 19, 2020.

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Learning outcomes

The aim of the module is to train the student to motivate and retain the patient to implant support therapy and to educate him/her by personalizing the instruments and techniques of home and professional oral hygiene in cases of perimplant health, mucositis and perimplantitis.


The implant patient
The role of the dental hygienist before, during and after implant therapy
Assessment of clinical indices:
- Bleeding on probing
- Probing depth
- Suppuration
- Radiographically visible bone loss
- Implant mobility
Evaluation of the amount of keratinized mucosa
Presence or absence of cement
Assess of biological or mechanical causes of peri-implant tissue complications
Criteria of success, survival and implant failure
Systemic risk factors for implant therapy success
Local risk factors for the success of implant therapy
Knowledge of implant components
Basics of implant surgery
Post-implant surgery advice
Knowledge of how to set the support therapy according to the needs of the implant case:
- visit and re-evaluate the implant site;
- motivation, re-education, instrumentation;
- treatment of infected sites, if necessary;
- polishing and hygiene recall programming.
Knowledge of the appropriate mechanical and manual instrumentation for implants.
Knowledge of the characteristics and properties of low granulometry powders.
Knowledge of the devices of air-polishing supra and sub gingival removal of biofilm
Presentation of two clinical cases and knowing how to communicate the biological risk profile to the patient.
Knowledge of the stages of dental hygiene of the implant patient with healthy tissues.
Knowledge of the phases of non-surgical therapy in case of mucositis.
Knowledge of the stages of non-surgical therapy in the case of peri-implantitis.
Properties of topical antibiotic and antiseptics
Knowledge of the dental hygiene tools specific to the implant patient at home

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Assessment methods and criteria

written exam

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