Bachelor's degree in Psychiatric Rehabilitation Techniques (to qualify as a psychiatric rehabilitation expert)(Rovereto)

Psychological and psychotherapeutical foundations for rehabilitation - PSICODIAGNOSTICA

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Alessandro Failo
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TERP 2A1S dal Oct 5, 2020 al Dec 2, 2020.

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Learning outcomes

This course aims at illustrating the main diagnositc manual (ICD-10 and DSM-V) and ICF, characteristics of test and questionnaires, starting from clinical interview and behavioral observation. Indeed assessment and measurement of psychological functions are starting point for planning the interventions. Particular attention will be point to developmental age.
At the end of the course, students should know:
• the phases of the psycho-diagnostics process
• the particular assessment features and the diversities among ages
• the difference in assessing typical or atypical developing people
• how to comprehend the structure, the psychometric characteristics, and the psychological functions investigated by the most common tools


This course is focused on the main tools used in psychological assessment.
Lectures will be organized as following:
- health professions and prevention
- theoretical introduction of the assessment process and description of its steps,
- the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF)
- structure of diagnostic manual (ICD-10 e DSM-V)
- elements of statistical learning
- measure in psychology and assessments tools, theoretical introduction of tests' psychometrical characteristics (validity, reliability, types of items, calibration, scoring),
- how to assess typical and atypical cognitive development,
- executive functions: what and how these are can be assessed,
- assessment of psycho-affective profile: qualitative and quantitative tools,
- neurodevelopmental disorders.
During the course will be presented some clinical reports showing the interpretation of the results.

Assessment methods and criteria

Oral examination

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