Master's degree in Nursing and Obstetrics (Verona)

Quality assessment of clinical practice - ASSISTENZA BASATA SULLE EVIDENZE

Course code
Name of lecturer
Anna Brugnolli
Number of ECTS credits allocated
Academic sector
Language of instruction
LMSIO VR - 2° ANNO 1° SEM. dal Oct 8, 2020 al Feb 13, 2021.

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Learning outcomes

To apply the methodological skills learned in the course of EBP and research methodology to a problematic area of one's own professional practice: to consult the databases and to find the studies relevant to care problem; read, interpret and evaluate primary and secondary sources for their application in nursing / obstetric practice
Develop critical literature analysis skills to deduce application hypotheses in care
Decline the results of the context and patient / family studies considering the point of view of patients, caregivers and experts
Develop a report to a workshop and produce an abstract integrating background and foreground knowledge with the methodological criteria of EBP and teaching methodology


Compared to one or more care topic: realize a scopus review and processing of a conceptual map
Reading background sources (physiopathological and humanistic understanding of the problem) and foreground
Critical appraisal of primary and secondary studies
Data extraction and tabulation of studies
Elaboration of an evidence based report
Construction of an oral presentation for a workshop

Reference books
Author Title Publisher Year ISBN Note
Polit DF, Beck CT. Edizione italiana a cura di Palese A. Fondamenti di Ricerca Infermieristica (Edizione 2) McGraw-Hill Education 2018
Saiani.L., Brugnolli., (2020) Trattato Cure Infermieristiche (Edizione 3) 2020

Assessment methods and criteria

The exam consists in the written presentation and oral discussion of a topic critical appraisal from a decision question
The report consists of a work that aims to develop an evidence based decision-making process starting from a problem-scenario and clinical assistance question.
Students will be presented and provided with a guide for the preparation of the report and the "CAT" and a card with indicators of self-assessment of the work
The final grade will be the summary resulting from:
- report: written and interview
- commitment and ability to work in teams demonstrated in the process of elaboration of the themes during the course (synthesis of self-evaluation).

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