Bachelor's degree in Biomedical Laboratory Techniques (to qualify as a biomedical laboratory worker) (Verona)

Clinical Sciences (2020/2021)

Course code
Fabrizio Vinante

Teaching is organised as follows:
Unit Credits Academic sector Period Academic staff
ENDOCRINOLOGIA 1 MED/13-ENDOCRINOLOGY AND METABOLISM Lezioni 1-2-3 anno - 2 semestre TLB Giacomo Zoppini
MALATTIE CARDIOVASCOLARI 1 MED/11-CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASES Lezioni 1-2-3 anno - 2 semestre TLB Mariantonietta Cicoira
MALATTIE DEL SANGUE 1 MED/15-BLOOD DISEASES Lezioni 1-2-3 anno - 2 semestre TLB Fabrizio Vinante
ONCOLOGIA MEDICA 1 MED/06-MEDICAL ONCOLOGY Lezioni 1-2-3 anno - 2 semestre TLB Michele Milella

Learning outcomes

MODULO ENDOCRINOLOGICO The course is to provide the knowledge of the endocrine and metabolic diseases related to the main endocrine/metabolic systems. Lessons will present the single topics by starting with physiology and physiopatology and, finally, by presenting the clinical aspects (signs/symptoms) of the main endocrine/metabolic diseases. Students will learn how to recognize the main endocrine/metabolic diseases and their laboratory data presentation. Moreover, students will acquaint with the terminology needed to discuss clinical endocrine cases with other collegues. MODULO MALATTIE CARDIOVASCOLARI To be able to recognize the peculiar elements of acute and chronic ischemic heart disease; to be able to recognize the basic knowledge on cardiovascular risk factors and atherosclerosis, cardiovascular primary and secondary prevention. To understand the role of laboratory medicine in the diagnostic process, risk stratification and therapeutic decision in the main cardiac diseases. MODULO MALATTIE DEL SANGUE MANCANO OBIETTIVI MODULO ONCOLOGIA MEDICA Learning outcomes:To provide tools for the knowledge of the main neoplastic pathologies and of the methods necessary to program the therapies with drugs to molecular target.


Basic principles of disease natural history in haematology, metabolic diseases, cardiology and oncology.

Assessment methods and criteria

Students will be examined orally or by written tests.

Reference books
Author Title Publisher Year ISBN Note
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