Master's degree in Nursing and Obstetrics (Bolzano)

Advanced methods of assessment, prevention and assistance to the family and to the communities - METODOLOGIE AVANZATE DI EDUCAZIONE ALLA SALUTE

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Gudrun Plank
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LMSIO BZ - 1° ANNO 1° SEM. dal Nov 14, 2019 al Mar 14, 2020.

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Learning outcomes

The students know the different definitiones of heatlhy and the health determinants
They know about the social inequalities and her consequences
They are able to explain the birth hour and history of the health education

Teaching aims provide the conceptual, methodological and cultural basis to the student needed for:

a) develop together with the patient and his family an educational plan with the aim of developing the skills of the "self-
caring "
b) support the patient's abilities in caring problems to lead him to "self-management"
c) educating caregivers in the management of patient healthcare problems
d) manage the patient's discharge, guaranteeing safety and continuity of caring ents are


Health promotion

• health and illness as subject of scientific research
• experience of health and illness
• local and national surveillance systems
• the health report of 2017
• health determinants, risk factors and protection factors
• basics of health promotion and prevention: terminology, similarities, differences
• models of health and illness
• individual ressources, life skills and health literacy
• life stiles: nutrition, move, mental health
• addictions: alcohol, nicotin
• stress
• basics of efficient communication
• methods of efficient knowledge transfer: teach back, show me, ask me
• teach and learn for adults
• learning theories: behaviouristic, cognitive and social cognitive learning theory
• theories about the readiness/willingness for change
• the cognitive dissonance (Festinger)
• the concept of self efficacy (bandura)
• the locus of control (Rotter)
• the transtheoretical model

Health education

• developement of health education
• educative settings
• empowerment, compliance versus adherence
• the therapeutic alliance, the role of the patient, therapist, the role of the relationsship
• motivation
• the power of congruence, empaty, authenticity

Therapeutic education

• planning and execution of therapeutic education
• recognize education needs
• educative diagnosis
• establish education aims
• selection of contents and teaching methods
• execution of the intervention
• evaluation, documentation
• follow up, lifelong learning

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Assessment methods and criteria

writing test with open questions

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