Bachelor's degree in Dental Hygiene (Verona)

Pharmacology, Anesthesia and Dental Emergencies - FARMACOLOGIA PER L'IGIENISTA DENTALE

Course code
Name of lecturer
Guido Francesco Fumagalli
Number of ECTS credits allocated
Academic sector
Language of instruction
Lezioni CLID VERONA 1 anno 1 SEMESTRE dal Oct 7, 2019 al Dec 20, 2019.

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Learning outcomes

General aims:
Provide to students the basic knowledge necessary to understand the mechanisms of action(s) of the drugs and predict and manage their therapeutic and toxic effecs

Specific aims:
Goal of this module is to provide the student with the scientific knowledge required to:
• Understand the mechanisms of action of drugs responsible of their beneficial and adverse effects,
• Learn how clinical evaluation is applied to the study and industrial development of drugs,
• Know the rules governing drug-cell interaction and pharmacokinetics.
• Understand the rules of a rational approach to therapy
• Know the effects and the clinical use of the classes of drugs relevant in the specific professional context including antiinflammatory drugs, drugs used for control of infections; vasoconstrictors and other drugs active on the autonomic nervous system, control of pain in odontoiatry.


Programme of the course
Analysis of drug/receptor interaction and the generation of drug effect(s).
Terminology related to drug use, the methodologies of drug identification and clinical development.
Adverse reactions: classification and reporting
Pharmacokinetics: diffusion across membranes/barriers and models of PK; absorption, distribution and elimination of drugs; drug metabolism; operative terminology: volume of distribution, half-life, clearance
Drug metabolism and elimination; the CYP system; therapy with multiple doses e therapy modification in presence of pathologies of the clearing organs.
Mechanisms of action, effects, therapeutic uses and adverse reactions of
Drugs for the management of pain: local anesthetics and opioids
Drugs acting on the autonomic nervous system and vasoconstrictors
Antimicrobial drugs

Reference books
Author Title Publisher Year ISBN Note
Clementi Fumagalli Farmacologia Generale e Molecolare (Edizione 5) Edra 2018 978-88-214-4436-4
A. Conforti, L. Cuzzolin, R. Leone, U. Moretti, G. Pignataro, M. Taglialatela, M. Vanzetta Farmacologia per le professioni sanitarie (Edizione 1) Idelson-Gnocchi 2015 978-88-7947-592-1

Assessment methods and criteria

Written exam with multiple choice questions

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