Bachelor's degree in Dental Hygiene (Rovereto)

Orthodontics and applied physics - ORTODONZIA

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Fiorenzo Faccioni
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Lezioni CLID Rov. 2 semestre dal Mar 2, 2020 al May 8, 2020.

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Learning outcomes

To recognize and to distinguish the eugnatic and disgnatic clinical cases. To diagnose and classify the different occlusal clinical cases, while acquiring knowledge about its therapeutic implications, both in the growing and in the adult patient. To recognize the most complex cases in order to refer them to a specialist in orthodontics.


Needs, demands and goals of the orthodontic treatment. Classifications of malocclusions. Etiology of malocclusions. Biological bases of the orthodontic movement. Orthodontic forces. Cephalometric radiology. Corrective appliances. Early orthodontic treatment. Orthodontic treatment in adults. Orthodontic and surgical planning.
1. Orthodontic treatment: evolution of the objectives
2. The need and request for orthodontic treatment
3. Orthodontic Problems: possibilities, options and goals of the orthodontic treatment
4. Range of discrepancies according to Profitt
5. Chronology of tooth development
6. Fundamentals of normocclusion in deciduous, mixed and permanent dentition
7. Classification of malocclusions
8. Etiology of malocclusion
9. Tissue response to teeth orthodontic movement
10. Types of force and effects related to their duration and decay
11. Side effects of orthodontic forces on pulp, roots and alveolar bone
12. Types of orthodontic movement: torque, uprighting, tipping, translation, rotation, extrusion and intrusion
13. Anchor Concept
14. Cephalometry: analysis of the craniofacial skeleton
15. Growth Indices
16. Corrective appliances Multiattack, buccal, lingual, uninformed, informed and self-ligating
17. Physical and chemical properties of the orthodontic wires
18. Removable corrective orthopedic-functional appliances
19. Corrective orthopedic devices
20. Clinical facial and occlusion examination: Documentation
21. Dental-basal disharmonies
Dental-dental disharmonies
22. Principles of early orthodontic treatment:
1) PREVENTIVE THERAPY: A) Conservation of the arches’ lengths B) Ankylosis C) Ectopic Eruptions D) Supernumerary teeth E) Agenesis
2) INTERCEPTIVE THERAPY: A) Anterior cross bites B) Deep bites C) Oral Breathing D) Oral bad habits E) Abnormalities of the extra-dental tissues
3) EARLY CORRECTIVE THERAPY: A) Second classes B) Third classes
23. Diagnosis and therapeutic hints about the sagittal problems of I, II and III class in permanent dentition
24. Aesthetic planning in orthognathic surgery

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