Bachelor's degree in Psychiatric Rehabilitation Techniques (to qualify as a psychiatric rehabilitation expert)(Rovereto)

Foundations of Psychiatric Rehabilitation - PSICHIATRIA DI COMUNITA'

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Antonio Lasalvia
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TERP 1A2S - 1 periodo dal Feb 3, 2020 al Mar 6, 2020.

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The objectives of the present course is to provide students with principles on which the concept of "community psychiatry" is based. Specifically, notions on the concept of mental disorders according to the bio-psycho-social model will be given together with the stress-vulnerability model. Basic information on modern psychiatri nosography will be given. The history of the develpoment of Italian mental health care system will be outlined, starting from the asylums' era. Information on the current organzation of mental health services in Italy will be given. The problm of mental illness stigma will be extensively addressed and on most effective interventions to takcle stigma and discriminatin towards people with mental disorders. Specific emphasis will be given on processes leading to self-stigma and oneffective strategies to overcome self-stigma. Finally, the issue of empowerment in mental health will be addressed.


Community psychiatry - basic concepts and principles
The bio-psyho-social model
The stress-vulnerability model
Development of community psychiatry in Italy
Organization of mental health care in Italy
Stigma and discrimination toward persons with mental health problems
Effective anti-stigma interventions / strategies
Self-stigma processes and intervention aiming to tackle self-stigma
Empowerment in mental health, a key factor in pursuing recovery processes

Reference books
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Assessment methods and criteria

Oral interview

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