Bachelor's degree in Obstetrics (to qualify as an obstetrician)

Professional Relationship and Gynaecology and Obstetric Counselling - PSICOLOGIA CLINICA

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Name of lecturer
Elena Bravi
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3° ANNO 2° Semestre dal Mar 23, 2020 al Apr 26, 2020.

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Learning outcomes

The teaching aims to:
- let to know the field and methods, research and clinical of General, Clinical and Health Psychology
- Learn the main functions of the mind: memory, thought, perception, language, motivation and emotions.
- Learn the cognitive and emotional stages of the childhood
- Learn the main emotional reactions to the disease (and related mechanisms of defense),
- Learn Psychology and Psychopathology of pregnancy and birth
- Know how to apply the psychological knowledge in obstetric field (EFD, perinatal bereavement, premature birth, etc) and know possible psychopathological implications
- Adress specific topic, on a psychological level (menopause, infertility, child or women abuse)
- To be able to develop critical thinking and to be able to make consistent health decisions
- Deepen one's relational skills, as health worker


- Foundations of General Psychology (the origins, the theorethical approaches. The main functions of the mind: thought, perception, memory, language, motivation and emotions, learning).
- Clinical and Health Psychology (prevention and disease behaviors, mechanisms of defense, coping, main psychological reactions to disease.
- Bereavement reactions and the theory of E. Kubler-Ross.
- Relationship and Communication in Health contest
- Psychology of pregnancy and maternity
- Psychopathology in pregnancy and puerperium
- Developmental Psychology: cognitive and emotional development of the child, attachment process,etc
- Psychological aspects and related care of premature birth: parents, babies and health workers
- Psychological aspects and related care of perinatal loss
- Notes of Psychology of Emergency: the role of emotions, stress, burnout, trauma
- Abuse: preventive, clinical and care aspects. The specific case of "shaken baby syndrome".

Assessment methods and criteria

Oral Examination

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