Bachelor's degree in Nursing (to qualify as a nurse) (Bolzano)

Legal, bioethic and deontological principles of professional practice - BIOETICA

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Klara Astner
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INF BZ - 3° anno 2° sem dal Apr 20, 2020 al Jun 8, 2020.

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Knowledge of the definition of bioethics, the importance of bioethics in the frame of highly technlogozied medicine, the requirements of decisional methods on the base of bioethics, the differentiation of principles of morality, the new aspects of informed consent and autonomy of the Patient.
Knowledge of the history of bioethics connected to the history of medicine in various centuries: historical aspects, legal aspects, important representatives and authors, national and international documents, current national and international legislation of bioethics.
Knowledge of the thematics of bioethics on the end of life, beginning of life, on transplantations, on experimentation, in emergency medicine, psychiatric and pediatric medicine, the different positions of bioethics in each field with practical examples.
Knowledge of bioethics in the structuration and allocation of resources in the national health service.
Knowledge of the various orders of bioethics, national, inernational and in the Province of Bolzano and their corresponding documents.
Knowledge of the basics on philosophy and anthropolgy of bioethics, their schools of thought.
Knowledge of applied bioethics in Hospitals. Knowledge of the modalities and instruments for the consultation of the Patient. Corresponding document of the committee of bioethics of the Province of Bolzano.


- Concept and defintion of bioethics: ethics, bioethics, ethics in medicine, morality.
- History of bioethics: from the hippocratic oath to modern ethics. Bioethics in the Frame of history of medicine: the enlightenment and scientific experimentation, the Concept of public Health and epidemiology, the Change of the role of physians and patients in history, modern Technology. The Change in Concept of morality. History of human experimentation, historic and current examples, in the age of nationalsocialism and the consequences for ethics in Experimentation in the italian constitution and international documents. The birth of modern bioethics in the U.S.A., their important concepts and representatives. The birth of bioethics in europe and italy. The various ideologic positions in bioethics.
- Bioethics on the end of life: legal incorporation, new national laws and verdicts. The principal bioethical positions and the application on national and international Levels. Practical examples.
-Bioethics on the beginning of life: legal incorporation in italy. The bioethical positions on the protections of Embryos. Abortion and the Position of bioethics. Bioethics on the end of life of terminally ill Children. Practical examples.
- Bioethics in transplantations: legal incorporation, thematics on the bioethics of brain death, criteria of the allocation of Donator Organs.
- Bioethics in emergency medicine: bioethical criteria for clinical decisions
- Bioethics of psychiatry: legal apsects, thematics of physical restraint and involuntary Treatment, bioethical criteria.
- Bioethics of resource allocation in public Health Service: criteria
- Bioethics in the Frame of Philosophy and anthropology: deontologic, normative Philosophy vs. utilitarian Philosophy, the Concept of a Person and the Concept of autonomy.
- Applied bioethics: ethical thematics in the relation between professionals and patients.
- Instruments and methods for ethical consultation related to cases: documents, form and modality of consultation.
- Organs and institutions of bioethics in italy and in the public Health Service of the Province of Bolzano, related documents and activitites.

Reference books
Author Title Publisher Year ISBN Note
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Assessment methods and criteria

Final written exam, open answers.

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