Bachelor's degree in Sport and Exercise Science (from 2008-2009)

Sport sociology

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Cristina Lonardi
Cristina Lonardi
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MOTORIE 2° semestre dal Mar 2, 2020 al May 31, 2020.

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Learning outcomes

Starting from a general overview of some of the main approaches and concepts used in sociology to understand the features and functions of society, the course will allow students to identify the social dimension of sport and physical activity by considering them both from internal and external observation points, namely as specific social phenomena and elements of society that are always related to other elements. Specific attention will be paid to the relationship between health and physical activity. This relationship, from the point of view of the sociology of health, recalls essential questions also in the sport sciences: individual wellness/wellness, body care, prevention of pathologies typical of post-modernity.
At the end of the course, the student must:
- know the basic concepts of sociology applied to sports science and the concept of health, from the sociological point of view;
- be able to identify the social dimension of phenomena related to sport and physical activity and, in particular, analyse the relatioship among physical activity/body/health;
- know how to assess the impact and social importance of phisical activity;
- be able to use the concepts studied in an appropriate manner both in general terms and with special regard to physical activity.


To achieve the educational objectives of the course, the following program will be followed:
1. Introduction to the sociology of sport and physical activity.
4. The main sociological theories used to explain and understand the phenomena in the field of sport and physical activity.
5. Sport as a social institution.
6. Sport in the socialization process.
7. The sociology of health: individual wellness / wellness, body care, prevention of pathologies typical of post-modernity
8. The concepts of health and their relationship with sport and physical activity
9. Body, sport, health, society: relationships and intersections in postmodern society

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Assessment methods and criteria

The examination aims to check the skills acquired by students. The content of the syllabus will be assessed. For all students, the examination consists of open and closed questions potentially concerning any of the syllabus content. A mark will be given out of thirty.

In relation to the situation deriving from the Coronavirus emergency, the teaching examination modalities are modified for the 2020 summer session, in accordance with the indications of the University, as specified below: WRITTEN REPORT ON 4 TOPICS INDICATED BY THE TEACHER IN REPLACEMENT OF THE WRITTEN TEST. Details are present in Moodle, in a dedicated folder at the end of the lesson materials.

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