Bachelor's degree in Nursing (to qualify as a nurse) (Bolzano)

General and methodological nursing (2019/2020)

Course code
Monica Masiero

Teaching is organised as follows:
Unit Credits Academic sector Period Academic staff
INFERMIERISTICA GENERALE 2 MED/45-NURSING INF BZ - 1° anno 1° sem Monica Masiero

Learning outcomes

The course is focused on the fundamentals of general and clinical nursing in relation to the concepts of care and caring for the person and family, to the deontological principles that inspire and guide nursing practice. It provides conceptual and methodological bases for identifying nursing care needs, planning interventions and assessing outcomes. The students will develop skills in data collection through observation, interview and physical examination, in the analysis and understanding of the events reported by patients; will acquire the methodological basis for the assessment of problems or risks also through the use of assessment scales or tools to make decisions and propose prevention, treatment and monitoring interventions with respect to the needs and problems of the person. FUNDAMENTALS OF NURSING: The course introduces the student to the basic fundamentals of general and clinical nursing in relation to the concepts of health, illness, care and caring for the person and the family, to the deontological principles that inspire and guide the practice of care. NURSING CLINICAL METHODOLOGY The course aims to provide knowledge and skills related to the clinical methodology for identifying and managing nursing care needs, with particular reference to the use of assessment and monitoring methods and tools, the planning of interventions and the assessment of outcomes. Students will acquire these skills with regard to: nutritional status and alterations (obesity, cachexia, malnutrition); walking, exercise and mobility deficits; vital parameters, thermoregulation and changes in body temperature (fever and hypothermia); body care (body and oral hygiene) and self-care deficits. BASIC OF NURSING IN SURGICAL CARE: the course is aimed at learning the clinical method and the contents of preoperative surgical care, such as preoperative information and consent to the intervention, evaluation of the operative and infectious risk and physical preparation for the different types of intervention. The fundamental aspects of caring in the immediate post-operative phase will be treated, such as surveillance and monitoring, wound and drainage management, recovery of nutrition, ileus and early mobilization


The process of Nursing professionalization, the legislative sources of acting professional, the priciples and ethics that guide the care model, with particular reference to the Code of Ethics, the nurse's profile, and the arrangement of the plan of studies; students' code of conduct
The evolution of health concept, the determinants of health, risk factors, preventie measures, health education.
The concept of disease, the meaning of illness and disease, the acute and chronic disease, the experiences and reactions to the disease.
The places of care and the organization of the National Health Service.
The theoretical foundations of the caring, the basic principles of caring nursing (centrality of the patient and the family, presence, superivision/surveillance, comfort, diagnosing. self-determination, continuity of care, intimacy and touch, confidentiality and respect for privacy in patient care).
The family's and community's role as health resource and support to the patient.

Assessment methods and criteria


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