Combined Bachelor's + Master's degree in Medicine and Surgery

Allergic and immunomediated diseases  (Corso Elettivo)

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Claudio Lunardi, Marco Caminati
Claudio Lunardi
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2° semestre 1°- 5° anno dal Feb 17, 2020 al May 29, 2020.

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Learning outcomes

Among the pathologic conditions related to immune dis-reactivity, allergic diseases are very common and are caused by an unbalanced immune response to exogenous agents (including inhalant allergens, food allergens, drug allergens, contact allergens). The seminar will focus on pathophysiological mechanisms of allergic diseases and on the immunological background of different treatment options, including allergen immunotherapy and drugs desensitization protocols.
Adaptive immunity is responsible for defence against exogenous agents, including pathogens. When the immune system loses the ability to distinguish self and non-self antigens an autoimmune disease may appear. Starting from that background, the mechanisms leading to an autoimmune disease will be discussed, together with the potential treatment options and therapeutic targets.


The course consists of 8 hours devided in 4 lessons:
- pathophysiology and inflammation phenotypes of allergic conditions (1 hour)
- allergic respiratory diseases and their treatment (2 hours)
- food and drug allergy (1 hour)
- pathophysiology and inflammation phenotypes of autoimmune conditions (1 hour)
- focus on clinical features of autoimmune diseases (1 hour)
- auto-inflammatory syndromes (1 hour)
- biologic drugs (1 hour)

Assessment methods and criteria

The frequency to all lessons is required for credits

The lessons will take place at Aula “G. De Sandre”, Medicina Interna B

Recommended for students attending the 5th and 6th years course

The calendar of the lessons is the following: 3, 10,17,24 Marzo

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