Bachelor's degree in Environmental and Workplace Accident Prevention Techniques (Trento)

Risk prevention and safety education in the workplace - FONDAMENTI DI SICUREZZA SUL LAVORO

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Francesco Torre
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TPALL 1° ANNO 2° SEMESTRE dal Feb 1, 2019 al May 31, 2019.

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Learning outcomes

[Traduzione automatica] Provide students with the concepts and introductory knowledge on safety and health in the places and at the workplace. Illustrate the normative content, technical and professional that found and regulate aspects regarding health and safety on the job.
To complete the learning path, students will be able to narrow down the norm of the reference index in the scenario function assigned, understanding and evaluating the situation described in relation to the provision of health and safety at work.


[Traduzione automatica] Definition of risk factor. The accident at work and occupational diseases. The insurance against accidents at work. The evolution of approaches and legislation on safety and health at work. Safety Subjective and Objective. The legal principles and legal foundations buoyancy in the field of occupational health. The system introduced by the Single Text on hygiene and safety at work: basic principles and major changes in the enabling law framework in the field. Role and responsibilities of the technical prevention as part of prevention, monitoring and control of health and safety protection. prevention and suppression activities. The power of entry. supervisory authorities and national institutions. Title I of the Legislative Decree no. 81/08: scope and application peculiarities, subjects of prevention and guarantee obligations. the principle of effectiveness. The protection of third parties. The legal entities and the family business. The self-employed. The process of risk assessment. Procedures for cooperation and coordination in procurement endoaziendali. The organization and the management of security in the company. The delegation of functions. The information and training. work equipment. The rules on penalties in the single Text on safety and health at work and related processes. Difference between crimes and misdemeanors. Causation and prosecution of the event.

Reference books
Author Title Publisher Year ISBN Note
M. D'Apote - A. Oleotti Manuale per l'applicazione del D.Lgs. 81/2008 Epc 2017

Assessment methods and criteria

[Traduzione automatica] Written exam with open answer.
The student must show that you understand the theoretical concepts related to the reported situation and be able to exhibit them with appropriate technical language. Must be able to transfer the concepts learned, the case studies proposed by analyzing the case.


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