Bachelor's degree in Biomedical Laboratory Techniques (to qualify as a biomedical laboratory worker) (Verona)

Pharmacological Sciences - FARMACOTOSSICOLOGIA

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Cristiano Chiamulera
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Lezioni 2 Semestre TLB dal Mar 4, 2019 al May 3, 2019.

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Introduction to Therapeutic Drug Monitoring of all the major classes of drugs. Toxicity of metals and solvents.


Pharmacokinetics: absorption and administration routes. Bioavailability, kinetic differences related to the administration route. Distribution. Metabolism. Elimination and variability factors
Pharmacodynamics: receptors, agonist and antagonistic drugs, dose-response curve. Drug safety. Therapeutic Index.
Drugs adverse reactions: classification
Therapeutic Drug Monitoring. Interpretation of measurement of serum levels
Antibiotics: brief description of the major classes of antibiotics: antibiotics submitted to TDM. Antifungal drugs. Antiviral drugs
Antiepileptic drugs: mechanism of action, toxicity and interactions. Phenytoin, carbamazepine, barbiturates, etosuccimmide, valproic acid, benzodiazepines and lithium.
Antiasthmatic drugs: mechanism of action, toxicity and interactions of beta2 receptor antagonists, theophylline and xanthine
Immunosuppressant drugs: mechanism of action, toxicity and interactions. Methotrexate, Cyclosporine, Tacrolimus, Sirolimus, Mycophenolic acid
Coagulation Cascade and coagulation drugs: Coumarin, Heparin. Coagulation parameters during anticoagulant therapy. Digoxin: mechanism of action, toxicity and interactions

Reference books
Author Title Publisher Year ISBN Note
Taglialatela Conforti Cuzzolin Leone Mattioli Moretti Pignataro Vanzetta Farmacologia per le lauree triennali e magistrali II Edizione (Edizione 2) Sorbona 2019

Assessment methods and criteria

Written examination based on multi-choice questions.


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