Bachelor's degree in Psychiatric Rehabilitation Techniques (to qualify as a psychiatric rehabilitation expert)(Rovereto)

Foundations of psychology and psychopathology - NEUROPATOLOGIA E NEUROLOGIA

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Stefano Tamburin
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TERP ROV 1^ ANNO - 1^ SEMESTRE dal Oct 8, 2018 al Dec 14, 2018.

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Acquisition of basic knowledge on main neurological diseases, in particular borderline conditions between neurology and psychiatry. Acquisition of basic notions on neurological semiotics, with particular reference to main cognitive and neurological syndromes. Acquisition of elementary notions of neuropathology.


The main anatomo-functional features of the nervous system as the basis for the understanding of neurological signs and symptoms.
Basic notions on neurological semiotics. Medical history and neurological examination. Semiotics of the main neurological syndromes and diseases.
Physiology, pathophysiology and basic semiotics of consciousness and its acute and chronic disorders.
The main focal cognitive deficits (aphasia, agnosia, apraxia, memory disorders). Pathophysiology of executive functions, and the frontal syndrome.
Healthy and pathological brain aging.
Neurodegenerative diseases: common pathophysiological and neuropathological features. The main neurodegenerative diseases. Dementias: syndromic classification, pathophysiology and clinical.
The main dementias and their epidemiological impact. Alzheimer's disease, other neurodegenerative dementias, vascular dementia.
Parkinson's disease and parkinsonism: epidemiology, pathophysiology, and main clinical features.
Cerebrovascular diseases: epidemiology, pathophysiology and main clinical features.
Principles of anatomy of the cerebral circulation. Pathophysiology of cerebrovascular diseases. Ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke: pathophysiology, main clinical features, therapy.

Assessment methods and criteria

Written exam (open questions)


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