Bachelor's degree in Nursing (to qualify as a nurse) (Bolzano)

Clinical nursing care in medical area - MALATTIE INFETTIVE

Course code
Name of lecturer
Martha Augschiller
Number of ECTS credits allocated
Academic sector
Language of instruction
INF BZ - 2° anno 1° sem dal Oct 1, 2018 al Dec 22, 2018.

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Lesson timetable

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Learning outcomes

determine and run the nursing support for the acute and the chronic patients
take part and join the running process of the diagnostic workup
identify and prevent tha causes of the recrudescence in chronic patients
make decisional process based on the patient's condition
recognize medical cases produced by infectious agents, evaluation and prevention of a potential contamination of the patient


epidemiological keywords
detailed study of active/passive immunization
liver's anatomy, liver's functions, HAV, HBV, HCV, HDV, HEV infections
HIV, AIDS infections
meninges anatomy, meninges functions and cerebrospinal fluids, meningitis symptoms, (adult/vs child), diagnosis, selection of some purulent infections (meningococcal agent, pneumococcus, HIB), and of two serous infections (meningoencephalitis virus caused by ticks (TBE) and infection by borrelia)
aerogenes infections, selection of some viral infections (measles, rubella, varicella (with herpes zoster), influenza)

Reference books
Author Title Publisher Year ISBN Note
M.P. Fantini, L. Dall'Olio, G. Fabbri, F. Bravi Igiene e Sanità Pubblica. Appunti sui temi della Epidemiologia, delle Malattie Infettive, delle Vaccinazioni e della prevenzione Esculapio 2012
Moroni M, Esposito R, Antinori S Malattie Infettive (Edizione 8) Edra- Masson 2014 882143690X
G. BORGIA, G.B. GAETANO, G. ANGARANO, E. CONCIA MALATTIE INFETTIVE per Studenti e Medici di Medicina Generale (Edizione 1) IDELSON GNOCCHI 2015

Assessment methods and criteria

multiple choice questions

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