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Principles of Dentistry - BIOETICA

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Domenico De Leo
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LEZIONI 2° SEMESTRE dal Feb 18, 2019 al May 31, 2019.

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Bioethics (from ancient Greek ἔθος (or ήθος), ethos, behavior, dress, customs and βίος, bios = "life") is a discipline that deals with issues of morality related to biological research and medicine.
From this point of view is so-called framework for meeting and transmission of knowledge from various disciplines such as philosophy, medicine, biology, genetics, law.
The course addresses the evolution of thought bioethical premise, from the introduction of the term by the oncologist American Van Rensselaer Potter, who first used it in 1970, to arrive at the thought of E. André Hellegers and W. Reich.
Bioethics is defined today as a research area that, thanks to the various disciplines on which poses as the object of his studies for the systematic examination of human conduct in the field of medic


Bioethics and Dentistry
The evolution of the concept of health and prevention: from dentistry to dentistry of care treatment
The judgment on dental work done by other colleges
The choice of dental-assisted treatment based on the costs
The treatment of patients suffering from highly contagious diseases
Research and experimentation in dentistry
Aesthetics in Dentistry
The relationship between dentist and patient
Ethical and legal considerations on professional liability of the freelance dentist
Informed consent to medical surgical treatment: critical cases
Pain management
Responsibility and Ethics
Ethical, moral and social responsibility
The Principle of Beneficence in Applied Ethics
Ethics in dentistry: principles of Ethics and Code of Professional Conduct
The new Italian code of medical ethics.
Ethical issues in orthodontic practice

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