Bachelor's degree in Physiotherapy (to qualify as a physiotherapist) (Verona)

Elective studies

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Cristina Scuma'
Cristina Scuma'
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FISIO VR 3^ ANNO - 2^ SEMESTRE dal Mar 11, 2019 al Apr 5, 2019.

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Learning outcomes

The activities chosen by the student are aimed at deepening specific competences and training aspects in order to optimize the preparation and training of the learner, allowing customization of the student’s curriculum through: responsiveness to the student’s personal inclinations and interests; knowledge of topics not included in the learning objectives of the course.
The type of activities that can be attended in order to acquire the relative credits (CFU) are:
- monographic courses;
- seminars, conferences and congresses;
- seminar activities in FAD;
- educational activities of other degrees of this university or of other universities;
- cultural activities promoted by Student or Professional Associations;
- internships at health, socio-health and social assistance facilities in the agreement;
- participation in the Teco D provided by the course of study;
- participation in the "best of the Triveneto Annual Conference"
- mentoring activities/peer laboratories and OpenDay.

Students’ choice of activities
Each student can choose freely among the activities offered annually by the course and among those offered by teachers and/or students and approved by the course of study.
ATTENTION: The attendance of these activities must not interfere with the attendance of mandatory training activities.


"The comprehensive and flexible selection of educational activities chosen by the students, organized in part by the Education Committee, include, in principle, activities that do not require the involvement of teachers and planned activities: they include internships
chosen by the students (if available), participation in workshops and conferences relevant to the
training plan of the degree, guided tours, progress tests. The student exercises
his personal option until he achieves a total of 6 credits (CFU) which do not necessarily have to be divided per year of course but can be achieved during the three years.

(University of Verona Teaching Regulations of the Degree in Physiotherapy Art. 16).
The student who participates in an extracurricular training activity can apply for its recognition at the end of the three-year course. The activity for which you apply for recognition must meet the requirements in respect to the development of the competencies expected of the Physiotherapy graduate in the following areas: orthopedic, neurological in adults and children, critical care, geriatric care, research, communication and training. The "weight" in CFU is determined by the time commitment and the specificity of the Event (you can ask for directions to the tutor for the self-assessment of the chosen event).

Reference books
Author Title Publisher Year ISBN Note
AIFI Linee guida per la formazione del fisioterapista - Core competence Masson 2003 9788821427220

Assessment methods and criteria

Method of credit collection:
It is the responsibility of the student at the end of the 3rd year to deliver the following documentation to the Course Coordinator within the times that will be announced on the web:
 Certificate of participation signed by the Event Manager.

 Event program in which the Promoting body is clear (Universities, Professional Associations, Hospitals)

 A brief written report about the experience with regards to the learnt content/personal reflections and relapse in physiotherapy practice.

The documentation will be examined by the Education Committee which will formalize a grade expressed in thirtieths, the Coordinator will be in charge of the verbalization and the student will have to take care of registering to the exam session.


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