Bachelor's degree in Psychiatric Rehabilitation Techniques (to qualify as a psychiatric rehabilitation expert)(Rovereto)

Medical statistics, epidemiology, informatics and research methodology - INFORMATICA APPLICATA

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Riccardo Pertile
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TERP ROV 2^ ANNO - 2^ SEMESTRE dal Mar 12, 2018 al May 18, 2018.

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Learning outcomes

To create and manage a database through the Excel program with the aim of identifying the most appropriate statistical analysis according to the type of available variables and the field of research. To manage descriptive and bivariate statistical instruments (tables and graphs) and indicators with Excel. Basic knowledge of epidemiology.


Type of statistical variables. Input of data in a dataset (coding), data cleaning and preparation of the work file.
Frequency distribution and graphical representations of the frequencies (absolute and percentage) through the use of pivot tables and some of the data analysis tools in Excel.
Calculation of the main measures of central tendency and variability with Excel functions.
Variables transformation.
Crosstabs and Chi-square test. Signs on Regression and Correlation (Pearson's coefficient).
Epidemiology: number of cases expressed as prevalence and incidence rate ratios or as statistical odds (exercises with Excel). Calculation of relative risk and odds ratio with examples in Excel. Sensitivity and specificity of a diagnostic test.

Assessment methods and criteria

Practical exam on PC with Excel: three exercises to solve.


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