Bachelor's degree in Speech and Language Therapy (to qualify as a speech and language therapist)

Statistical methods - INFORMATICA APPLICATA

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Alessandro Marcon
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LOGO 2^ ANNO - 2^ SEMESTRE dal Jan 8, 2018 al Feb 28, 2018.

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Learning outcomes

The course aims to provide students with basic knowledge on the functioning of a computer and on archiving and management of health data. Students will use the spreadsheet for data synthesis and representation, and they will retrieve information from bibliographic databases.


1) Basic IT concepts
- functioning of a computer
- hardware, operating system, software
- binary logic
2) Archiving and management of health data
- data sources
- construction of a questionnaire
- data coding
- data matrix (table)
- identification keys
3) Using Microsoft Excel spreadsheet
- loading data
- formatting
- cell formats
- using and creating formulas
- descriptive statistics
- graphs
4) Retrieval of bibliographic information from PubMed
- boolean operators
- simple search
- complex search
- Single Citation Matcher
- Medical Subject Headings

Reference books
Author Title Publisher Year ISBN Note
Corrao, Salvatore Conoscere e usare Pubmed : guida al più noto sistema di ricerca bibliografica in campo biomedico Il pensiero scientifico 2008 978-88-490-0256-0 Per consultazione
Simona Villani, Paola Borrelli Excel & statistica medica. Guida pratica per le professioni sanitarie Medea 2013 978-88-6693-048-8 Per consultazione
Storchi, Mario R. La nuova ECDL più full standard Edizioni Manna 2016 978-88-87752-95-3 Per consultazione
Bassi, Chiara Pubmed : istruzioni per l’uso Il Pensiero scientifico 2010 978-88-490-0335-2 Per consultazione

Assessment methods and criteria

The final exam consists of a practical computer exercise and a written test with multiple choice questions and open questions. The objectives of the test are to verify the knowledge of the topics discussed, the ability to perform some calculations with the support of a spreadsheet and to perform a bibliographic search. The final evaluation is expressed in 30ths.


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