Bachelor's degree in Physiotherapy (to qualify as a physiotherapist) (Verona)

To provide basic knowledge regarding neurological rehabilitation and clinical neuropsychology, rehabilitative treatment strategies of acquired and neurodegenerative diseases. To provide knowledge on innovative technologies such as movement analysis and robotics along with cognitive disorders. - SEMEIOTICA NEURORIABILITATIVA

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Francesca Vivian
Francesca Vivian
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FISIO VR 2^ ANNO - 2^ SEMESTRE dal Jan 29, 2018 al Mar 16, 2018.

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Learning outcomes

⎫ To know the basic values of the examination neurorehabilitation; ⎫ To know and to know how to use the methodologies for the evaluation of the patient with neurological problems; ⎫ To correlate the theoretical knowledge with the data that come to light from the observation and evaluation of the patient; ⎫ To perform a physiotherapy diagnosis of neurological patient in order to set up the different stages of physiotherapy treatment


⎫ introduction to the discipline ⎫ systemic theory: role of the nervous system as a fundamental component of the system male; ⎫ problems resulting from neurological disorders: alterations of superior cortical functions, sphincter continence, motor functions and sensitivity; ⎫ identification of the meaningful signs of alteration for the rehabilitation in different pathologies of nervous system: pyramidal syndrome, extrapyramidal, cerebellar, of lower motor neuron; ⎫ functional evaluation of patient with alteration in central nervous system; ⎫ functional evaluation of patient with alteration in peripheral nervous system; ⎫ neurological tests Suggested text M. Marchetti, P. Pillastrini, Neurofisiologia del movimento, 1997, Piccin, Padova (Section V, VII, VIII) J. Bonavita, M. Menarini, P. Pillastrini, La riabilitazione nelle mielolesioni, 2004, Masson, Milano O. Schimpf, Riabilitazione neurologica, 2007, Edi-ermes, Milano

Reference books
Author Title Publisher Year ISBN Note
J.Bonavita M.Menarini P.Pillastrini La riabilitazione nelle mielolesioni (Edizione 1) Masson 2004
M.Marchetti P.Pillastrini Neurofisiologia del movimento Piccin 1997

Assessment methods and criteria

To pass the examination, which will be done with an oral test, the student will have to:
- know how to describe the formalities to implement a functional evaluation of a patient with neurological lesion;
- know how to perform a differential evaluation of an impairment found during the functional evaluation;
- know the structural and functional impairments that characterize the neurological pathologies discussed during the lesson.

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