Bachelor's degree in Nursing (to qualify as a nurse) (Bolzano)

Application of diagnostic and therapeutic processes - DIAGNOSTICA PER IMMAGINI E RADIOPROTEZIONE

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Astrid Wallnoefer
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INF BZ - 2° anno 1° sem dal Oct 9, 2017 al Dec 21, 2017.

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The course focuses on the management and application of diagnostic and therapeutic processes that are required to provide nursing care to patients in different hospital care settings, both in the local and residential areas. This teaching is based on the principles of safety and effectiveness of care to achieve health outcomes or a state of compensation of the patient and to evaluate the progress of care in collaboration with the interdisciplinary team. The approach considers the methods of application of the prescribed diagnostic and therapeutic processes as well as the strategies for monitoring the effects.


Principles of radioprotection with respect to the following investigations: ultrasound and ultrasound-guided biopsies, computerized axial tomography (TAC) and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (RSM) - angiography for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes

Special radiological investigations of the digestive tract and urinary - the following aspects will be addressed:
- indication and anatomical or physiological structures investigated by the diagnostic procedure
- specific preparation of the person (eg full bladder, blood tests) information to be transmitted to the person before the examination
- positioning and / or use of the contrast agent, indications to be given to the patient during the examination for the optimal execution of the investigation
- complications or discomforts that may arise during or after a radiological examination (adverse reactions from contrast agents

Assessment methods and criteria

Multiple choice closed questions


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