Bachelor's degree in Sport and Exercise Science (from 2008-2009)

Teaching individual and team sports - TECNICHE E DIDATTICA DEGLI SPORT DI SQUADRA

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Luciano Bertinato
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II semestre dal Mar 5, 2018 al Jun 1, 2018.

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Learning outcomes

The course aims to offer, at the end of the three-year course, an overview of issues related to different ages and different levels of service and career (promotional-amateur-professional) in team sports;
It is also proposed to urge the students to "assemble" the knowledge gained in the various disciplines relating to motor science, synthesizing and linking elements for the purpose of their professional qualification, particularly in the field of quality sports performance, roles a physical trainer, instructor and technical teacher of young athletes or amateur sportsmen.
The course will allow the student to understand and master the tools needed to understand and analyze team sports by modeling the three "sporting" (basketball - futsal) disciplines and the "promotional" sports "innovative" disciplines eg fresbee - hockey indoor - rugby seven) proposed in the exercises (which may vary in future editions of the course).
The program focuses on knowledge of sporting regulations for teaching purposes, strategies, methods and methodological-didactic tools necessary for organizing and managing Programming and Working Plans for Group Sports Activities.
Students will be provided with a series of essential teaching tools to help develop:
• conditional capacities for the purpose of providing and preventing;
• specific technical skills of the various sports disciplines;
• transversal tactical skills to different sports disciplines.


Program of the course
The course consists of 3 main parts:
• Frontal lessons (1 class CFU)
• Exercise Modules on Volleyball Team Sports - Basketball - 5th Soccer; Rugby 7 - Fresbee - Indoor Hockey (4 practical CFUs at compulsory attendance);
• Integrative teaching activities (2 CFUs in compulsory compulsory sports clubs + 1 CFU for group work in preparation for the final exam);

Federal regulations on treated sports;
Elements of general applied teaching: organization, conduction, evaluation;
Work plan and conduction techniques;
Didactic progression of one or more sports disciplines;
The main feed-back systems for technical-physical improvement and error correction.
Teaching evaluation systems.
- Grids and observation cards
- The observation of athletes
- Detection through Test
Short, medium and long term programming structure
Tools for initial, intermediate and final assessment of motor skills and abilities
Choice and formulation of goals
Strategies (means and methods)
Didactic Methodologies for Teaching (TGFU - GPAI - SSD)
Organization of the operating environment (time, space, equipment and tools)
Functional evaluation and specific tests
Fundamental phases of sports training
Setting up physical planning in the youth field
Programming of prevention work
The 11 (Prevention program)

Suggested texts
• Technical texts of National Federations
• AAVV: Evaluation in sporting sport - Sporting Society.
• AAVV: Basic motor capacity assessment in juvenile age - S.d.S. - CONI 1980.
• DURIGON V - ROBAZZA C .: "Self-assessment and individualization of teaching", in Motion, 2, 1991, 73-79
• RINK J .: Teaching Physical Education for Learning. New York 2002, NY: Mc Grow-Hill.
• SCHMIDT R.A. - WRISBERG C.A .: Motor and performance learning. Sport Press Company Rome 2000.
• SCHMIDT R.A. - LEE T.D .: Motor and Learning Control, Calzetti-Mariucci, 2012
• WEINECK J .: Optimum workout. Ed. Calzetti - Mariucci 2001

Reference books
Author Title Publisher Year ISBN Note
DISPENSA DELLE LEZIONI dISPENSA delle lezioni forniti dal docente. 2020

Assessment methods and criteria

• Oral Testing with Presentation Group and / or Individual Projects / Programming
• Presentation of bibliographic research carried out in scientific libraries
• Presentation of internships
• Critical Reflections on Exercising Techniques

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