Bachelor's degree in Environmental and Workplace Accident Prevention Techniques (Trento)

Biomolecular fondamentals of life - BIOLOGIA E GENETICA

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Monica Mottes
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1° ANNO 1° Semestre dal Oct 3, 2016 al Dec 31, 2016.

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1° ANNO 1° Semestre

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Learning outcomes

To provide an evolutionary view of human biology, focusing on molecular and
cellular processes shared by all living organisms. To illustrate the mutagenic effects of chemical and physical agents. To teach the laws of genetic transmission. Students are expected to be able to understand the
consequences of various changes (e.g. mutations) occurring at the cellular level; they should also be able to recognize the different patterns of inheritance. Examples of specific genetic diseases will be discussed


The historical bases of modern biology. General biology of prokaryotes. The evolution of eukaryotes; characteristics of the e. cell; cell cycle and its regulation, mitosis. The molecular bases of inheritance: DNA (structure, replication, other features). Definition of gene. The informational pathway: transcription (in prokaryotes and eukaryotes); mRNA processing, the regulation of gene expression. Chromatin and chromosomes, normal and pathologic human karyotype. Gene dosage and X chromosome inactivation in mammals. Sex determination in the developing embryo.
Mutations: various types; how , where and when do they happen. Various types of mutagens, mutagenesis tests, DNA repair mechanisms.
Somatic mutations and cancer. Sexual reproduction, meiosis, human gametogenesis. Mendel’s laws of inheritance. Association and recombination. Human genetics, how to construct and interpret a pedigree. Genetics of blood groups (AB0, Rh). Examples of autosomal inheritance (dominant and recessive) and X-linked inheritance. Examples of mendelian diseases in man.

Reference books
Author Title Publisher Year ISBN Note
Reece Urry Cain Wasserman Minorsky Jackson Campbell Biologia e Genetica (Edizione 1) Pearson 2015 9788865189320

Assessment methods and criteria

Written exam including both course modules, i.e. Biology and Biochemistry (MCQ and open questions) followed by oral discussion. The final evaluation will consider the student’s personal ability to apply notions to the solution/discussion of specific problems.


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