Bachelor's degree in Radiology Techniques for Imaging and Radiotherapy (to qualify as a medical radiology technician) (Verona)

Radiobiology and Radiation Protection - BIOCHIMICA

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Barbara Cellini
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TEC RAD MED LEZ 1A 1S dal Oct 3, 2016 al Dec 9, 2016.

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Learning outcomes

Knowledge of the structure-function relationships of the major classes of macromolecules and of the metabolic pathways in which they are involved. Highlight the connections between different metabolic processes as well as the associated bioenergetic changes.


1. The essential elements of life; polymeric structure of macromolecules
2. Structure and function of proteins: amino acids; peptide bond; structural levels of proteins; fibrous proteins; globular proteins; hemoglobin and myoglobin; hemoglobin variants; classification, function and regulation of enzymes
3. Hydrosoluble and liposoluble vitamins.
4. Bioenergetics: metabolism, chemical transformations in the cell; thermodynamics; ATP as energy exchanger; oxidation/reductions
5. Structure and metabolism of carbohydrates; monosaccharides and disaccharides; polysaccharides; glycolysis; shunt exose monophosphate; structure, function and metabolism of glycogen.
6. Acetyl CoA; citric acid cycle; electron transport chain and oxidative phosphorylation; ATP synthesis.
7. Structure and metabolism of lipids: membrane lipids and structure pf biological membranes; neutral lipids; lipids catabolism and fatty acids beta-oxidation; hints on fatty acids biosynthesis
8. Amino acid metabolism; excretion of the aminic group; urea cycle; metabolism of the carbon chain.
9. Nucleotides structure; structure of DNA and RNA

Assessment methods and criteria

Written exam made up of multiple choice quiz and open questions

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