Bachelor's degree in Psychiatric Rehabilitation Techniques (to qualify as a psychiatric rehabilitation expert)(Rovereto)

Health and safety promotion - PRIMO SOCCORSO

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Roberta Levato
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TERP ROV 1^ ANNO - 2^ SEMESTRE (1 periodo), TERP ROV 1^ ANNO - 2^ SEMESTRE (2 periodo)

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TERP ROV 1^ ANNO - 2^ SEMESTRE (1 periodo)

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TERP ROV 1^ ANNO - 2^ SEMESTRE (2 periodo)

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Learning outcomes

To describe the meaning of first aid and the actions to be taken to safeguard the injured and rescuers.

Knowing how to recognize altered vital functions and to identify first aid techniques to manage the emergency before the ambulance arrives.

Knowing how to cooperate with emergency medical technicians during an emergency intervention.

To perform Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation techniques (CPR) on a patient simulator, in the right sequence, and recognizing its rationale.


The meaning of First Aid and its objectives, normative references in relation to first aid intervention in the workplace.
Safety evaluation for the rescuer and the 'injured.
Alarm procedures, when and how call 118/112.
Assessment of vital functions with the ABCDE method.
Principles of first aid in the following situations: loss of consciousness and epilepsy, hypoglycemia, drug intoxication, trauma with particular reference to attempted suicide or self-injury, bleeding and burns, airway obstruction, respiratory and circulatory arrest.
BLS Training according to ERC guidelines.

Assessment methods and criteria

oral exam (case management )


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