Master's degree in Nursing and Obstetrics (Verona)

Applied Information Technology

Course code
Name of lecturer
Francesca Locatelli
Francesca Locatelli
Number of ECTS credits allocated
Academic sector
Language of instruction
1°anno 1°semestre LM dal Nov 14, 2016 al Mar 11, 2017.

Lesson timetable

1°anno 1°semestre LM

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Learning outcomes

The course aims to prepare students to use Excel software for synthesis and data representation


Excel software:
1) open a file and create a new file, save the file
2) cell formats: alphanumeric, numeric, string
3) instructions: copy, paste, cut, font
4) construction of mathematical formulas in Excel
5) statistical formulas in Excel
6)graphs: pie chart, scatter, lines.
7) Pivot Tables

Reference books
Author Title Publisher Year ISBN Note
Giuliani D, Dickson MM Analisi statistica con Excel 2015

Assessment methods and criteria

To pass the examination of the Applied Informatic course, students will have to demonstrate that they have learned the knowledge of the topics they are planning and the ability to apply the Excel software to solve statistical problems of clinical data in an appropriate way.
The Exam of consists of a will be a session at the computer using Excel software based on the course contents, with 2 multi-task exercises (1 to 3 points each, total 15 points/exercise).
Examination of the Informatic Form is considered to be passed and maintained valid within the AA if the evaluation is ‘approved’.
There are 4 appeals: 2 in the Winter Session at the end of the course, 2 in the Summer Session and 2 in the Autumn Session.


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