Bachelor's degree in Cardiocirculatory Physiopathology and Cardiovascular Perfusion Techniques (national qualification)

Bioengineering and Medical Technology - MISURE ELETTRICHE ED ELETTRONICHE

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Roberto Meneghini
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lez 1 anno 1 semestre PERF dal Oct 5, 2015 al Dec 18, 2015.

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lez 1 anno 1 semestre PERF

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Learning outcomes

Provide an overview of the basic components and electronic circuits with particular emphasis on applications and references to the equipment used by laboratory technicians and specific emphasis on the chain of detection of physical , electrical transduction , converting them into digital signals .


Elements of the theory of the measures. Measurement errors. Propagation of errors.
Electrical circuits and physical laws in electrical engineering.
Characteristics of electrical and electronic components in general. The galvanometer.
Measuring instruments and sizes typical of perfusion. Ammeters and voltmeters DC and ca.

Definition and purpose of a measure. Fundamentals and derivatives. International System of Units. Fundamental units. Units and samples of the electrical measurements.
Systematic errors and accidental; insensitivity instrumental errors. Classification errors.
Propagation of the absolute and relative errors of two or more measured physical quantities.
Ohm's law; electrical resistance and electrical resistivity. Joule effect and electric power. Equivalent resistance of electric resistors connected in series and parallel. Electromotive Force. Calculation of the current in a circuit. Kirchhoff's laws, definition of electrical network, nodes and branches. Mesh analysis for the calculation of the currents in an electrical network.
Definition of electrostatic capacity of capacitors and plans. Equivalent capacitance of capacitors connected in series and in parallel.
Definition of magnetic flux. Faraday's law. Electrical inductance. Measurement of voltage and current with amperometric method volts. Galvanometers; Measuring instruments and sizes typical of perfusion. Ammeters and voltmeters DC and ca.
Groups and types of transducers and peculiarities of each.

Practical applications of calculation of uncertainties and expression of a measurement with electronic or digital devices.

Assessment methods and criteria

Written exam with exercises and oral questions with possible interview .

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