Bachelor's degree in Sport and Exercise Science (from 2008-2009)

Pharmacology of exercise and sport

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Cristiano Chiamulera
Cristiano Chiamulera
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I semestre dal Oct 1, 2015 al Jan 29, 2016.

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Learning outcomes

To teach students the basics of pharmacology important for the understanding of the risks and benefits associated with the use of drugs and substances. The course examines the mechanisms of action, effects, pharmacokinetics and adverse reactions of drugs with particular reference to some of the most commonly used classes in environment and motor sports.


1. General pharmacology
1.1. Pharmacodynamics
Drug interaction receptor, pharmacological potency, pharmacological effects, clinical effectiveness, competition and antagonism.
The receptor: definition, mechanisms of action, adaptation.
1.2. Pharmacokinetics
Absorption and the different routes of drug administration.
Distribution and blood levels.
Metabolism: induction, inhibition, drug interactions.
Concepts and pharmacokinetic parameters: dosage, maximum dose, daily dose, dosage,
clearance, half-life, peak blood, therapeutic range, toxic concentrations.
2. Pharmacotherapy
Definitions of drug, placebo, medicinal product, packaging, pharmaceutical formulations.
The process of research and drug development.
Critical issues related to the use of drugs: tolerance, interactions, compliance, self prescription.

3. Therapeutic Pharmacology
Anti-inflammatory drugs.
Corticosteroids and derivatives.
Respiratory drugs.
Fundamentals of drug addiction.
Autonomic nervous system drugs
Anabolic steroids
Insulin, growth hormone, other hormones
Erythropoietin and blood doping
Growth factors and their use as muscle doping
Supplements adopted for sport

Assessment methods and criteria

The exam is written in the form of tests with multiple choice answers.

Teaching aids


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