Combined Bachelor's + Master's degree in Medicine and Surgery


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Monica Mottes
Monica Mottes
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Lezioni 1° semestre 1° anno dal Oct 12, 2015 al Dec 22, 2015.

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Lezioni 1° semestre 1° anno

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Learning outcomes

To provide a general and updated perspective of General, Cellular, Developmental and Aging Biology, with a particular emphasis on biomedical problems.
To train students to evaluate critically experimental data, through the description and discussion of historical and current relevant experiments.
To introduce students to instruments and techniques employed for the investigation of biological molecules.


Darwin's vision of living organisms. Nothing makes sense but in the light of evolution. The molecular bases of evolution.
Macromolecules with the cell. Hypotheses of life origin on our planet.
General biology of Prokaryotes. Stricture and functions of prokaryotic cells. From Prokaryotes to Eukaryotes: Lynn Margulis' theory. From unicellular to multicellualra Eukaryotes. A modern vision of Metazoans phylogenesis.
Cell reproduction (Mitosis and meiosis)
The informational pathway: from DNA to mRNA to proteins. How is gene expression regulated in prokaryotes and eukaryotic multicellular organisms.
Evolution and biodiversity. Mutations and natural selecton. Mutagens and their modes of action.
Developmental biology: master genes and their targets; animal models of gene expression regulation.
Ageing: molecular and cellular bases.

Reference books
Author Title Publisher Year ISBN Note
Ginelli et al. Molecole, cellule e organismi EdiSES 2016

Assessment methods and criteria

The final exam will consist of a written test containing multiple choice quizzes and open questions covering the whole program. In case of positive score (at least 18/30) an oral discussion will follow.

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