Combined Bachelor + Masters in Dentistry and Dental Prosthetics

Course partially running (all years except the first)


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Nicoletta Zerman
Nicoletta Zerman
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LEZIONI 1°SEMESTRE dal Oct 1, 2012 al Dec 20, 2012.

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Learning outcomes

The pedodontics course aims, albeit within the time available, to provide the student with the theoretical knowledge and practical examples necessary to prevent, intercept and treat anomalies and odontostomatological pathologies of the child from birth to adolescence.


The pedodontic patient: framework of therapeutic purposes
Dentistry in function of the pedodontic patient
The first dental visit of the child
The psychological approach: control of behavior
Techniques of behavior in uncooperative patients
Clinical examination
Radiographic examination
Facial growth
Eruption and dental exchange
Dental anatomy
Caries prevention strategies
Modern concepts of fluoroprophylaxis
Carious pathology of deciduous teeth: clinical forms of caries
Pulp and pulpo-periodontal pathology of the deciduous tooth
Local regional anesthesia: pharmacological sedation and conscious sedation with nitrous oxide and oxygen in the child;
Teeth isolation: the rubber dam in the pedodontic patient;
Conservative therapy of deciduous teeth: general concepts of cavity preparations from the first classes of Black to complex reconstructions;
Evolution of materials and techniques: from amalgam, to compomers, to the latest generation composites; from traditional preparation techniques with rotating tools to atraumatic techniques;
Vital pulp therapy: indirect pulp capping e
direct; partial pulpotomies, chamber and partial pulpectomies;
Necrotic deciduous tooth therapy: total pulpectomy, root canal preparation and filling;
The limits of endodontic therapy for deciduous teeth
Therapy of the immature permanent tooth. Physiological and induced apecification
Trauma of deciduous teeth and immature permanent teeth: diagnosis and therapy;
Medico-legal problems in Traumatology;
Periodontal diseases in the pedodontic patient: anatomy, physiology of the young periodontium; gingivitis, primary and secondary gingivostomatitis;
juvenile diabetes mellitus and oro-gingival pathology;
Dental anomalies of form, number, position: diagnostic framework and therapeutic solutions;
Oral tumors of childhood: diagnostic framework, outline of therapy;
Dento-maxillary disharmonies
Interception and prevention of malocclusions and dento-skeletal malformations
Early therapy of malocclusions.

Assessment methods and criteria

oral exam.

Teaching aids


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