Degree in Physiotherapy (Rovereto)

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Preparation for neurological rehabilitation (2005/2006)

Course code
Manuela Cappuccini

Teaching is organised as follows:
Unit Credits Academic sector Period Academic staff
Riabilitazione neurologica 1 MED/34-PHYSICAL AND REHABILITATION MEDICINE 2°anno 2°semestre Gregorio Ferlini
Semeiotica neurologica 1 MED/26-NEUROLOGY 2°anno 2°semestre Enzo Tranquillini
Neurofisiopatologia 2 MED/26-NEUROLOGY 2°anno 2°semestre Paolo Manganotti
Metodologia della riabilitazione neurologica 2 MED/48-NURSING IN NEUROPSYCHIATRY AND REHABILITATION 2°anno 2°semestre Manuela Cappuccini
Laboratorio di Riabilitazione neurologica 1 --- 2°anno 2°semestre Gregorio Ferlini
Laboratorio di Semeiotica neurologica 1 --- 2°anno 2°semestre Enzo Tranquillini

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