Master's degree in Sport Science and Physical Performance

Biomedical control in training (mountain sports) - RISPOSTE FISIOLOGICHE ALL'ESERCIZIO IN AMBIENTE MONTANO

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Silvia Pogliaghi
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MOTORIE 2° semestre dal Mar 2, 2020 al May 31, 2020.

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Learning outcomes

The lectures will present selected topics of integrative physiology applied to sports and performance in the mountain environment. By focusing on specific aspects of human physiology and a quantitative approach the course aims at fostering the understanding of the control mechanisms, the integrated function of organs and systems towards the maintenance of the body homeostasis. The course will focus on the effects of altitude exposure and on the sex differences in the acute responses to exercise and the adaptive responses to training.


- sex-related differences in the acute response to exercise and in the chronic response to training
- gastrointestinal health in long-distance athletes
- effects of acute hypoxia on the response to exercise
- effects of chronic hypoxia on the response to exercise

Reference books
Author Title Publisher Year ISBN Note
Sharon A. Plowman, Denise L. Smith Exercise Physiology for Health Fitness and Performance (Edizione 5) Wolters Kluwer Health Edition 2017 ISBN 9781496323187

Assessment methods and criteria

Written exam with 10-15 multiple-choice questions with 5 answers + a maximum of 5 semi-open questions that typically involve calculations

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