Combined Bachelor's + Master's degree in Medicine and Surgery

Enrolment Procedures

Information for the academic year 2020/2021

Access type
admission test, limited number
Available places
1st Installment
338 euro
2nd and 3rd Installment
To calculate the second and third instalments, please see the student Fees Guide at

How to enroll

  1. Read the Call for applications carefully. Please note: this summary does not replace the original Call for applications, which candidates are expected to fully know at the time of their registration for the Call.
  2. Register on Universitaly, complete all the required fields, select the location of the Admission Test and the universities for which you intend to apply.
3. Complete the registration procedure with the relevant institution. Registration options vary depending on the following:
  1. If you live in the Province of Verona, register for the Admission Test on ESSE3:
    1. register on ESSE3. Should you have problems logging in, please go to: Please note that in order to complete the registration, you will need to upload a scanned copy of your ID – identity document;
    2. submit your application on ESSE3. Please select “Concorso Lauree magistrali a ciclo unico in Medicina e Chirurgia e in Odontoiatria e Protesi Dentaria”. Registrations will be open from 1 July 2020 to 29 July 2020, 3 pm;
    3. on the web page ‘Pagamenti’ on ESSE3 make the payment of the registration fee via PagoPA by the deadline set in the Call.  
  2. If you DON’T live in the Province of Verona, please register for the Admission Test at the university indicated on the Universitaly website by the methods and deadlines established by the university in question;
  3. If you live abroad, please register for the Admission Test at the university indicated on the Universitaly website by the methods and deadlines established by the university in question.
4. Take the Admission Test;
5. Check the ‘graduatoria’, or list of students eligible for admission, on Universitaly. Please note that only candidates who pass the test will be placed on this list. In such a case, once the  ‘graduatoria’ has been published, and for any subsequent rounds of selections, your status will appear as one of the following:
  1. ADMITTED to your first-choice programme. This means that you will need to enrol by the deadline and in the ways set out in the Call for applications or subsequent selection notices. Please note that a failure to enrol on time will result in your withdrawal from the Call and you being removed from the ‘graduatoria’;
  2. ELIGIBLE for admission to one of your other choices included in your application. In such a case, you can:
  3. enrol in the university in question by the deadline and in the ways set out in the relevant Call for applications or subsequent selection notices. In such a case, your remaining alternative choices will be automatically cancelled;
  4. choose not to enrol, and wait for other places for one of your other choices to become available.
All candidates, with the only exception of enrolled and withdrawing students, must notify in their personal area on Universitaly their intention to remain on the ‘graduatoria’, by the deadlines set out in the relevant Ministerial decree and the Call for applications. Should the candidate fail to do this, they will be deemed to have permanently withdrawn from the Call.
Step 2 – Enrol 
8. If your application to enrol at the University of Verona is successful, please complete your enrolment on ESSE3 by the methods and deadlines set out in the relevant Call for applications or subsequent selection notices. Please note: if your Admission Test was not administered by the University of Verona, you will also need to register. Therefore, you are advised to read carefully the notice on enrolment procedures for those who have not taken their Admission Test at our university. 
To complete your enrolment, you will need to scan and upload a passport photo. Should you need help, please see: 'How to add your photo'. 
9. On your ‘Payment dashboard’ on ESSE3 pay the first instalment of your student fees via PagoPA, by the deadline set out in the Call for applications.
10. Wait for confirmation email. Please note: you will not receive the confirmation email immediately, since the Enrolment Office will need to process and check your documents and qualifications before confirming your enrolment.
Students with disabilities and SLD/learning disabilities
Admission tests for limited-entry degree programmes are organised taking into account the needs of candidates with disabilities or SLD/learning disabilities, and their right to take part in the tests on a fair and equal basis. For more information: Supporto per le prove di ammissione

Extra-Eu Students
  1. Submit your application to the local Italian Embassy or Consulate on UNIVERSITALY:;
  2. Register for the relevant open competition on Universitaly:;
  3. if the University of Verona is your first choice, register on the University’s student management system ESSE3 by clicking on ‘Registrazione’ in the menu bar;
  4. wait for the email confirming your successful registration for the Admission test (your application will be received and recorded automatically by the system);
  5. pay the application fee (as indicated in your email of confirmation);  
  6. take and pass the Admission test, as set out in the relevant Call for applications;
  7. take and pass the Italian language test (if you are not exempt from taking it), by following the instructions that will be made available on by 30 November 2020;
  8. check with the International Student Desk of the University of Verona whether your qualification is suitable for entry to your chosen degree programme; 
  9. if your application has been successful, proceed with your enrolment;
  10. wait for confirmation of enrolment email.

Admission test

Medicina e Chirurgia - prova unica nazionale

Paper-based test to be taken on
giovedì 3 settembre 2020 ore 12.00

Session application deadline
Ciascun candidato deve presentare la richiesta di partecipazione alla prova di ammissione esclusivamente in modalità on line attraverso il portale Universitaly 
Successivamente, i candidati che hanno come sede di svolgimento del test l’Università di Verona, devono perfezionare l’iscrizione tramite la procedura on line sul Portale univr Esse3
Queste le scadenze:
- Portale Universitaly: dal 1 al 23 luglio 2020 ore 15.00
- Portale univr Esse3: dal 1 al 29 luglio 2020 ore 15.00

Entrance exam fee
100 euro

Required documentation for public selection

Other documents (calendar, ranking list, etc.)
Le graduatorie saranno pubblicate esclusivamente dal MIUR sul sito
Notices and other documents

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