Master I in Psychomotricity (2 years, international)

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The course is aimed at psychomotor therapists, educators, psychologists, and rehabilitators that intend to further their knowledge and skills in psychomotor development so as to improve their professional practice and acquire training in the interdisciplinary research required by work founded on body coordination. The opportunity to integrate the expertise and specialisations of the four institutions involved (University of Verona, University of Murcia, ISPR and CISERPP) will guarantee lessons that will allow for discussion of the most up-to-date content in the fields of psychology, pedagogy, anthropology and naturally psychomotor development, with particular attention given to methodology of both case studies and research. Brief description of the profession; objectives of the course according to: 1. Knowledge: the masters degree course aims to encourage participants to re-elaborate the knowledge base acquired during their undergraduate studies by integrating them with the most recent developments in related disciplines together with personal professional experience. This will allow participants to bring their knowledge up-to-date as regards scientific, cultural, social and professional advancements in the field of psychomotor development. Moreover the course aims to provide a method of continuous professional development. 2. Ability: the masters degree course aims to develop the ability to: - recognize the emerging needs of the individual, institutions and of society and to advance innovative projects; - improve assessment procedures for therapy and education (observation of psychomotor skill, individual and group activities, relaxation techniques); - advancing the culture of psychomotor development by way of publications, conferences and research; - developing competencies related to one’s own field of discipline; 3. Competencies: the course will allow for the acquisition of new competencies specifically aimed at improving one’s own ability to adapt to a variety of professional contexts. In particular, the Masters degree course aims to train experts in Psychomotor development, specialized in one of the following areas: research in psychomotor development, competencies in the field of education and health care.

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2 years
MASTER - Classe per i Master (ateneo)
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Comitato Scientifico del Master Universitario in Psicomotricità (I livello - internazionale)
Short Master Programs (postgraduate)
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