Master I in Neuroscience for Healthcare Professions. Developing advanced skills in managing patients with spinal chord injuries and severe brain lesions

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The course aims at developing the following skills: - carrying out an initial advanced emergency neurological assessment and follow-up using instrumentation for evaluating the neurological deficit in patients with medullary and cerebral lesions; - implementing and coordinating a clinical course of treatment for patients with medullar and cerebral lesions; - carrying out constant monitoring and directing interventions aimed at managing the most urgent issues, by identifying in the shortest time possible any changes in the patient’s condition; - planning out interdisciplinary programs, shared with the patient, for the phase of rehabilitation and dehospitilization; - supporting the choices made for the treatment program with scientific evidence and guidelines; - making evidence-based decisions when managing epidemiologically frequent problems (PIC, changes in: body temperature, swallowing, functions of the bladder and intestines, epileptic crises, neurovegitative crises, cognitive disturbances, language ability and behaviour, motor skills and autonomy; - developing support strategies to patients and their families during acute and post-acute phases; - preventing and reducing risk factors and environmental factors that contribute to a decline in physical and cognitive functionality, quality of life, or an increase in social isolation and disability; - identifying the deficits and the abilities of the person and/or care-giver in order to plan out an education and rehabilitation program aimed at dealing with changes in the patients life-style and plans for the future.

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1 years
Controlling body
Comitato scientifico del Master Universitario in Neuroscienze per le professioni sanitarie. Sviluppo di competenze avanzate nella gestione del paziente mieloleso e con grave cerebro lesione acquisita. (I livello)
Short Master Programs (postgraduate)
Macro area
Life and Health Sciences
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Medicine and Surgery

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