Master I in Managing and Coordinating Healthcare Professions (Verona)

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This Level I University Master’s degree in the Management and Coordination of Healthcare Professions aims to facilitate the acquisition of managerial and organizational competencies intended for professional healthcare posts involving personnel who perform or intend to take responsibility for coordinating simple and complex Operative Units within hospital facilities as well as in departments and local districts. The objectives of the course The training program proposes to develop the acquisition of the following competencies: • interpreting various organisational contexts with particular attention dedicated to the out-of-hospital context, by way of identifying the complex factors and the basic elements of function according to organisational theories; • developing the ability to program, manage and assess the performance of various professions with the aim of improving the quality of interventions and satisfying the needs of the client; • preparing and applying typical “Open Organisational” management models; • using research methods and instruments, which take into consideration available evidence, within the field of the organisation and management of healthcare and social services; • identifying, planning, assessing and optimising, within the context of high-level innovation, the processes of assistance and competence from the point of view of an integrated multidisciplinary approach as well as the viewpoint of the reality of in-hospital and out-of-hospital situations; • planning and managing the processes of assessment and the improvement of the quality of performance with the aim of guaranteeing interventions that are in accordance with technical and scientific developments; • developing the capacity to respond to the needs of clients by planning assistance programs (in-hospital, out-of-hospital, home hospitalisation) capable of identifying innovative solutions that allow for an efficient use of resources and for high quality healthcare services that protect the health of citizens; • managing a system for the development of human resources capable of giving greater appreciation to individual aptitudes and competencies, to a multidisciplinary approach, to interdisciplinary work and to greater responsibility by way of promoting a sense of well-being in the workplace; • managing a system of training and education that will support change and be capable of revealing and satisfying basic formative needs, even by means of self-study training; • managing programs for the planning, completion and assessment of initiatives aimed at promotion and education regarding healthcare issues in the community; • planning and controlling systems of information and information technology within this specific field of professional competence; • managing financial, structural and technological resources in collaboration with those in charge.

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1 years
MASTER - Classe per i Master (ateneo)
Controlling body
Comitato scientifico del Master Universitario in Management per funzioni di coordinamento delle professioni sanitarie (I livello - Sede Verona)
Coordinamento Didattico Master delle Professioni Sanitarie
Short Master Programs (postgraduate)
Teaching and course administration
Operational unit
Macro area
Life and Health Sciences
Disciplinary area
Medicine and Surgery

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