Specialist Undergraduate Degree in the Science and Techniques of Sports Activities

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This undergraduate degree, specializing in the science and techniques of sport activities, proposes to train experts in the specific and comprehensive competencies in the field of sport at a wide range of ability levels, with particular attention given to young athletes. Students will acquire a theoretical and practical knowledge based on a highly scientific standard and appropriate for an athletic preparation aimed at athletic performance and at amateur sports with the ultimate objective of promoting an active life-style. In order to allow for more effective interventions, the course will develop the necessary technical motor skills by way of specific courses conducted in strict collaboration with national sports federations, sports clubs and associations capable of guaranteeing practical experience that will favour future professional employment of graduate specialists. The involvement of national sports federations and high level sports clubs will allow for a more direct experience that can lead to improved employment opportunities for the participants.

Course details

2 years
Degree class
75/S - Postgraduate degree in sports science and techniques
Supervisory body
Consiglio del Corso di Laurea Specialistica in Scienze e Tecniche dello Sport (dismesso)
Corsi di laurea in Scienze Motorie
Teaching and course administration
Operational unit Exercise Science Teaching and Student Services Unit
Macro area
Life and Health Sciences
Subject area
Sport Sciences

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