Master II in Risk Management and Patient Safety

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The Masters aims to train health professionals with the skills to evaluate the different dimensions and types of risk in complex health systems with a systemic approach to the planning and implementation of programmes for the management of risk; it also aims to develop the competences necessary to support the development of processes of assistance which have as a priority the patient and his/her safety. Thus one of the objectives of the Masters is also to encourage the development of a multidimensional view of the problems bearing in mind all the elements involved: organisational, technological, relational, professional, economic, logistic-environmental, medico-legal, etc. In view of the need to develop a professional programme with wide-ranging scientific and cultural content, the Masters covers not only professional technical and scientific objectives but also evaluation and managerial skills, thus emphasizing the of importance of coherent personal development. The professional figure to be trained will be an expert in the assessment and management of hazards and safety of the patient and will be able to operate at various different levels: the operational unit or department, at territorial level or within hospitals and health companies. This figure is usually known of as risk manager and has the same technical, scientific and organisational competences but works in the context of a distributed and shared network management of the safety of the patient.

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1 years
Controlling body
Scientific Committee for the Masters Degree in Risk management and patient safety
Short Master Programs (postgraduate)
Teaching and course administration
Operational unit Medical Postgraduate Specialisations and State Exams Unit
Reference Department
Diagnostics and Public Health
Macro area
Life and Health Sciences
Disciplinary area
Medicine and Surgery

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