University Masters in Ultrasound for Urology, Nephrology and Andrology (2nd level)

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Given that there is no national level school of specialisation for the in-depth study of the fast-changing subject of diagnostic ultrasound in urology, nephrology and andrology, this second level University Masters in Ultrasound for Urology, Nephrology and Andrology, which aims to offer specialists in Urology the competences necessary for a complete and modern approach to ultrasound in patients with urological, nephro-urological, uro-gynaecological and andrological disease. The area will be covered from the diagnostic, interventionist and medico-legal points of view. The Masters aims to supply the knowledge base of ultrasound by investigating the physics and the biological effects of ultrasound, basic internist ultrasound, and relations with other diagnostic imaging techniques, and thus to offer an up-to-date and complete theoretical and practical picture of the technology of ultrasound for diagnostic and interventionist uses in the various areas of urology. The theoretical and practical contents of the subject necessitate an in-depth treatment and personal and active participation which will be possible only with “full immersion” programme and a limited number of participants. In particular the participants will acquire knowledge of general basic notions of the physics of ultrasound and its medical applications; ultrasound in the diagnosis of neoplastic and non neoplastic urological pathologies; other techniques of imaging in the management of neoplastic urological pathologies; andrological ultrasound and other diagnostic techniques in andrology and ultrasound for interventionist urological operations.

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1 years
Controlling body
Scientific Committee for the Masters Degree in Urological and Andrological Echography
Short Master Programs (postgraduate)
Macro area
Life and Health Sciences
Disciplinary area
Medicine and Surgery

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