Level 1 Masters in Safety, health, culture, in the social quality of work and for managers in the prevention and protection service [ESF]

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The aim of this Master in Safety, health, culture, in the social quality of work and for managers in the prevention and protection service, is to train professionals who are expert from the social and humanistic point of view on the complex matters of safety, including sinergically_ knowledge of normative questions; - technical applications; - ergonomical aspects;- relational skills;- assessment skills;- social and company work quality. The evolution of safety in the workplace, the prevention of occupational risks and the protection of health in the workplace are all duties and basic obligations for a modern social organization. These principles are strictly related to the right to welfare enjoyed by all citizens, in particular in their roles as workers. The culure of safety is closely linked to the current western style of life, which sees work as being an important part of life, and as such an activity which is should provide high levels of satisfaction, harmony and wellbeing. These are all elements which lead to positive results. To all this we have to add the high cost of work accidents and related disease for the social community as a whole. To obtain this complex educational background, however, the course also provides students with a space for historical, cultural and ethical study on questions of workplace safety. The main objectives of the master are to acquire the basic concepts related to social and humanistic sciences, in order to be able to identify the lateral social components of safety and risk at work, together with the technical ones. This multidisciplinary view also works thanks to the work done together with the medical and legal disciplines, which are integrated into the social background. Theaim is to provide those taking the Master with a compact and many-sided knowledge, in which the concept of prevention appears as a product which can be obtained by the complementary working together of action, concept and disciplines. The multidisciplinary education, therefore, guarantees here, a network structure, in whose contact links young graduates will be able to reach the different levels required to provide safety by those of them who already possess this basis. The master aims, therefore, to build transversal competences in preparing for a job which is not only technical, but open to criticism, quality offers, solutions, organizations, communication, citizenship, to the satisfaction of the citizen client. The master in question is characterized by its added legal since it is bound to a multidisciplinary view as well as social professionalism, which is complete in the fullness of risk management in safety matters. The advanced social professionalism that we aim to create here, can be measured by social quality, that is, for example, against the fall in contentions, with the active participation of sitizens in prevention policies, the active participation of workers, together with the active participation of employers, who are capable of building health projects.

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1 years
Controlling body
Scientific Committee for the 1st level university Master in Expert in the culture of health safety, social quality of work and responsibility in the Prevention and Protection Service
Short Master Programs (postgraduate)
Macro area
Life and Health Sciences
Disciplinary area
Medicine and Surgery

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